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In these tight economic times, many of us are keeping our vehicles for longer or buying basic cars without all the add-ons. But, if you want to make your car safer, more comfortable, easier to drive or to just add more fun to those daily commutes or road trips, speak to Glasfit about fitting our affordable add-ons.


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Motor glass tinting


If you’ve never thought about tinting your windows, there are many good reasons why you should consider it. Tinting offers greater privacy, increases glass strength, prevents glare and keeps the interior cool. It also reduces the harsh effects of sunlight and associated UV rays on your upholstery, interior surfaces – and you.


It’s a quick and easy way to stay cool, calm and collected, and you’ll be surprised how affordable it is when you have it done at a Glasfit fitment centre.


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Anti smash & grab


Anti smash and grab film, although not totally impenetrable, provides an additional level of security against a smash and grab attack. It can also help protect you and your passengers from flying glass in the event of an accident. Additionally, the film blocks harmful ultra violet rays preventing sun damage to your vehicle’s light- and heat-sensitive interior surfaces.


Applying the film is not a DIY job – if not applied correctly it will craze, crack, peel, bubble, blister or even completely separate from the glass. It needs to be applied by certified, experienced technicians.


So come to Glasfit where product quality and workmanship are guaranteed.


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Vehicle inspection


You’re in the process of arranging insurance cover and you’ve been asked to get your vehicle pre-inspected. Conveniently, Glasfit is an approved provider to insurers, and our certified technicians are ready to assess your car. If it meets all safety standards, our system will automatically generate a vehicle inspection certificate and send it directly to your insurer on your behalf.


As an added bonus, our inspections don’t take long, and can be done at any Glasfit fitment centre.


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Vehicle tracking systems


We’ve expanded our offering to include the installation of quality, value-for-money vehicle tracking devices – all backed with their exceptional stolen vehicle response services.


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